Friday, December 15, 2006

Checking In. . .

I know I've been absent from Blogger too long when Ashley tells me that she's stopped checking my blog!

Shortly before Thanksgiving I forewarned everyone that I would be rather sporadic on Blogger through the end of December. Well, it's proving true! I've barely kept up with reading blog posts for over a week :-P. I'm still here, though, and hopefully I'll be able to post something more interesting soon, but nothing earth-shattering at the moment ;-). Since just before Thanksgiving my family has already hosted five sets of out-of-town company, and we have two more coming into town over the next week. And I've been out-of-state twice as well! And we're heading up to Indy next week. Thus go my excuses :).

I really do love Thanksgiving and Christmas, though, because I have an increased opportunity of visiting with usually-far-away friends and family :). During high school, several of my friends moved away (should I get a complex?), but we still keep in touch when possible, and the holidays are the best time to do that.

Next Wednesday (the 20th) is my last day of teaching for the semester, and I'll be done with tutoring the day before :). Happy, happy! I'll definitely enjoy a break, though I enjoy both teaching and tutoring for the most part. I wrote my final tests this morning, and I am pretty much done with out-of-class prep until grading-mania next Thursday :). Also, Boy is flying into Atlanta tomorrow, and staying for about 2 weeks :). Yay!

One more note of interest, make sure to check out Anna's second installment to Beginning Sewing.


Ashley said...

Well, hello, stranger! Nice to have you back! ;-) Of course it doesn't seems so long to me since I was able to squeeze a few emails from you, even if I had to wait ALL DAY for promised email. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what was up with you! I'm glad you're still alive. =) I can totally empathize with your being busy, however. You sound like you're having quite a lot of company! I hope you have a blessed Christmas!