Monday, March 20, 2006

First Day of Spring :)

Spring is here!

I just love spring! It is my second favorite season, right after autumn. I delight in watching the world come alive again after looking dead all winter. All those bunches of sticks begin to acquire buds, then leaves, and all of a sudden they are transformed into beautiful trees! I also love getting out my lighter clothing, as granny boots, knee socks, long heavy skirts, and sweaters grow tiring after a while. I just love light-weight cotton dresses and sandals!

We've been enjoying signs of spring for a few weeks now, though today is officially the first day of spring. Bradford Pear Trees in bloom must be my favorite sign of spring. Our neighborhood is full of them, turning the roads into a veritable White Way of Delight for several days. A Bradford Pear Tree in full bloom reminds me of a bride in all her glory (shamelessly stolen from Ashley's blog, as I had already thought the same before her post!) - absolutely breathtaking! The Bradford Pears are past their peak bloom now, and they are now full of leaves, while still leaving white blooms peeking from behind, creating an effect of glowing greenery until the blooms fall. Just beautiful!

The Yoshino Cherry Trees are in full bloom right now, as are the daffodils, forsythias, and pansies. Pansies have always been one of my favorite flowers; they are so pretty with their velvety texture and two-toned petals. I can hardly wait for the azaleas and roses to bloom, but I will have to wait a bit longer for those :).

Every Spring and Fall I am just in awe over the glorious colors in God's creation. I also realize anew that were the colors of spring or autumn available all year long, I would not appreciate them as I do during the brief time I have them every year. It makes me thankful for the changing of the seasons, that I may not grow indifferent to the wonders of nature.

Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of Spring, the bounty of Summer, the beauty of Autumn, and the cosyness of Winter. Thank you, Lord, for seasons.

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Cherish the Home said...

It still feels like winter here. )o: I did see my daffodils peaking up through the dirt but I think we might even get some snow tonight!