Sunday, October 02, 2005


I registered this blog two weeks ago but have delayed posting my first entry. For some reason I have continued putting off starting, although I know once I begin I will enjoy posting. I finally decided tonight to bite the bullet and post. This first post will be rather short, as it mainly serves to get me over the mental block of the ominous "first post." In the coming week I hope to write a few longer and more informative posts on issues I am currently studying.

I like writing and use it as an outlet at times to express my thoughts. We shall see how this blog progresses, but I hope to keep it up. Blogging often is viewed in a negative manner since it is so misused, especially by young folk, as a meaningless way to fritter away their time. However I have been very blessed by a number of blogs over the past few years and find that the problem lies with certain methods and misuses of blogging rather than the actual practice itself. My purpose in starting this blog is to give me an outlet to intelligently express my thoughts and to write basic updates on my life. I pray that I will use this blog for useful purposes in ways that will glorify God as I continually seek the ancient paths.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading more. I would love to hear your thoughts on dating/courtship ( I am saving my first kiss for my husband!) and on how women should dress.... blessings to you

Susan said...

I will gladly address those issues, maybe not both immediately, but certainly soon. I appreciate your interest.
God bless, Susan