Saturday, March 01, 2008

Baby Clothes Are Entirely Too Cute

*happy sigh* Aren't baby clothes just absolutely adorable? I've always thought baby girl clothes were the cutest, but I don't know. . . I've decided that baby boy clothes are incredibly cute too (maybe I'm just prejudice at this point, though).

I've been so strong and not bought anything yet for this baby. . . until this morning :-). I found out the church across the street from us has a thrift store, open two mornings a week, and all this month they're having bag sales on clothing, $5 for each brown paper bag (grocery sack size) stuffed with clothing. So, I stuffed 3 bags. Adrian found a suit, a tie, a buttoned-down flannel shirt, and a wallet, and the rest of that bag and 2 others, I stuffed with this:

120 pieces of cute little boy clothing :-D. Mostly size newborn to 9 months, So, factoring out the suit et al, which took up about 1/3 a bag, I got the baby clothes for just over 10 cents each. Not bad, especially since I only chose ones in really good condition, and there were a lot of them that were brand new. I love thrift stores :-).


Samara said...

Wow, what a score! I love the photo :)

Yes, baby clothes are too sweet. And boy clothes are included- I don't know which makes me "awww" more, the "little man" outfits of miniature overalls or slacks with tiny preppy polos and button-downs, or the shamelessly little-boy fashions like seersucker sunsuits with big embroidered trains, dinosaurs & cowboys on the fronts.

You are giving me a giant case of baby love. I am going to have to go squeeze mine immediately.

Anna Naomi said...

Great job finding baby clothes! I agree - they're so cute! I've always enjoyed helping my oldest sister or sister-in-law go through baby clothes or when they have a new baby to dress up. =)

Kacie said...

What a great deal! Whoever said it costs thousands and thousands in the baby's first year is probably buying clothes full-price at the mall.

Robert said...

That's a great deal for all that baby clothing!

I'd also like to say congratulations on your upcoming baby boy.

Becky Miller said...

That's awesome...I need to check some thrift stores for summer clothes for Katherine.

Caroline said...

What an awesome deal!! I also love thrift stores.

Hey, do you realize that your readers have not seen a picture of you since the wedding?? Would love to see a pic of you and Adrian and of course your new place.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Yes, I'm glad you got so many cute clothes, but really, how can you post a picture of clothes and not of yourself and your apartment??!

Jessie said...

Oh, wow, I never imagined this much!! Goody for you!!

Bargain Hunters Unite!

Susan said...

To Ashley (and others who want more pictures):

Excuse #1: We just got a camera cord on Saturday. Give me some leeway time.

Excuse #2: We've been ridiculously busy since Saturday, and will be until at least Wednesday.

Excuse #3: You don't want to see pictures of our apartment currently, unless you want to be struck with the reality that I don't have it all together in the homemaker department. Today (and tomorrow) is clean-up and organization day, and until then, no pictures will be snapped of the apartment.

Excuse #4: I'm currently sweaty with icky hair, having just finished exercising. You *really* don't want to see a picture of me right now. And Adrian's not here to take a picture of me right now (something called "work"). And a picture will have to wait a few days (see Excuse #2).

Caroline, Adrian and I really are much the same since our wedding except (a) we're less formally attired, (b) I no longer look slender (though I still don't look *obviously* pregnant, I am finally not rail-thin), and (c) we are much happier, because as nice as courtship/engagement/wedding were, we like marriage infinitely better.
I will try to somehow get a pic of the two of us soon, but I'm not sure it will be a full-length shot, unless we can get the timer to cooperate or something :-). We'll see.

Kacie said...

Lemme get this straight: You're either in your third trimester (or will be there soon) and you STILL don't look obviously pregnant?

Uh, whoa. :)

Tammy C said...

I had to laugh when I saw all of those-Wow youa re an eager ne wmom to be.Since you desire to have many children I am sure each one of these clothes will be used one time or another.My sister had 3 boys close and I was blessed for the first 12 years of my son's life to recive many hand me downs of jeans,tops and sweatshirts.One can only wear them for so long and they are outgrown.

Susan said...

Kacie, I'm 5 1/2 months, and yes, it's still not terribly obvious that I'm pregnant, though it is more evident now than it was. My mom was the same way with her first; she didn't show until about 6 months. I have even more height than her, which helps immensely. And I started out my pregnancy literally only two pounds away from being classified as underweight. I'm not anorexic; I'm just naturally thin. So first I had to catch up on regular weight, I guess. But this little guy is finally poking out some :-).

Eltinwe said...

Nice find on the bags of baby clothes... I'm usually lucky if I can find my things for 50 cents a piece, so a bag sale at a thrift shop would be wonderful! Actually, I'm just looking forward to getting those boxes of baby clothes from the attic and getting out all my first-year things again. If mine's a boy (we still don't know) I'll have to go though and sort out the pinks and purples and get some others... but it will be fun either way.

And I'm... lets see... 29 weeks now, and people STILL have to be told I'm pregnant instead of normal-female shaped. With Carina, people weren't really sure until I was, well, until she was born, really. About three weeks before she was born, people starting being willing to guess that I was pregnant instead of feeling awkward at the chance of being wrong. Still, it's not as bad as my mother, who had my brother in May... and after a couple weeks in the hospital, she got back on the bus she normally took to work, and a lady she usually sat with and talked with said "Oh! I didn't even know you were pregnant!"