Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Answers to Various Questions

First of all, I think it's hilarious how quickly I got comments on the previous post. Y'all are very perceptive! I also find it interesting that the phrase I used is common to Australia too; I didn't realize it was that wide-spread.

Our projected due date is June 22nd, though that has not been confirmed by a physician or midwife; I'm just going by online sites on how to calculate it. I'm 6 weeks, 3 days along (for those who don't know, those weeks are never calculated from conception, in case you're starting to count backwards to our wedding date. . . ). We think it's hilarious that our due date is exactly 9 months from our wedding day :-).

I took the first pregnancy test two weeks ago tomorrow, and another (different brand because I'm cautious) the next day; both were positive. For the first several days my main symptoms were just hunger and a bit of tiredness, but late last week I got that unpleasant queasiness that now seems here to stay a while :-P. But no really awful nausea/vomiting. Just enough to make me feel really bleh and make me want to not do much at all, especially with the added tiredness that comes with the first trimester. I actually delayed starting to write wedding thank you notes, thinking that if I did get pregnant the first month, that would be a good activity for me while I languished in bed, so this works out well :-).

Even though I'm becoming terribly sensitive to smells, and don't have any appetite, and have queasiness, I'm actually faring better right now than I thought I might, as I am keeping down food (even though it takes me a long time to force it down!). Adrian, thankfully, doesn't mind it when meals aren't gourmet, and he's taking my whims about smells quite well. (Honey, didn't you say you liked that smell yesterday?) He's wonderful :-D. I'm VERY thankful that I started a prenatal vitamin, cod liver oil capsules, and a B supplement several months ago, so I don't have to adjust to those new smells/tastes as well, because the latter two are strong.

As for cravings, I haven't had many, yet, except for fresh fruits and vegetables (especially fruits!), so I definitely splurged on my grocery trip yesterday, and bought more fruits than I usually do. Right now I'm mainly preferring really bland foods, though. Even my cravings for dark chocolate have disappeared temporarily (Don't faint, Jessica!).

As to what our birth plans are. . . we don't know yet. Part of it is, we don't know if we'll still be in Blacksburg in June. Adrian will hopefully be done with his internship and have another job, which may be here, or it may be in California, or Nebraska, or New York, or South Carolina, or Timbuktu (actually, only lower 48). I am looking at options in Blacksburg, though, because we may be here, and I do need to see someone before too many more weeks have passed. My first choice would be a birth center with a midwife, but the closest one is an hour and a half away, which isn't my idea of a fun drive, while in labor. And the closest midwife who delivers in a hospital is still over an hour away. I've spoken with a midwife who does home births, and I really like her (not alarmist, very experienced, etc.), and we do live one minute (literally) from a hospital with a birthing wing if an emergency arose. Also this midwife recommended a local family practice that does birthing as well, at a more personal level than most OB/GYN practices, and at a nearby hospital. So answer: I don't know :-).

Names? We've only briefly discussed ideas. I have a friend who insists I need to send her a full list of our possibilities, but I simply don't have one yet. We do like Germanic names, though, or other Northern European names (Swedish, etc.). We're both of German descent, with other European mixed in (Swedish and English for me). We want names that have not been overused, but also ones that most people have at least heard of, so the poor child doesn't have to spell his name for someone every day of his life. And no, Hannah, Enoch is currently NOT in the running for a first name for a boy. We also don't know yet if we'll find out the gender. Part of that will be determined by if we have an ultrasound. We'll see :-).


Kacie said...

How wonderful! June birthdays are the best. [I speak from experience...mine is the 9th :)] Looks like your baby will be born right near the longest day of the year, and the beginning of summer. Hurrah!

A bonus for you, during your last trimester it probably won't be THAT hot out. I feel sort of bad for moms with due dates in late August/early September who live in warm climates. They probably roast all summer long with that added baby-carrying goodness.

And, what a blessing for you and your baby to be craving fruits and veggies. So healthy!

I know it's good to take folic acid, but I've never heard of cod liver oil (that sounds kinda gross, actually). I'll have to look into those.

Susan said...

I take the cod liver oil in capsules, which is more palatable. See here for more info.

Zan said...

Good for you taking your vitamins early on.My mom made me take cod liver oil when I was a kid.

It is SO exciting hearing about how quickly everything has happened with you.

Nathan and I were married Oct. 4 and George was born July 8th. When I tell people that, they always have that look as if they were calculating the date in their head to see if we were "good."

I truly hope your morning sickness doesn't get any worse, but if it does, remember, that's good. People with morning sickness usually keep their babies. It's hard to look at the positives of morning sickness, but they are there.

How did you tell Adrian?

I hope you are both settled soon into a nice location with good brithing options close by. :-)

Lydia said...

I am super impressed that you have already been taking your vitamins and supplements several months before now. But it makes sense seeing you anticipated becoming pregnant soon after marriage. ;)

You are definitely doing the right thing by taking the prenatal vitamin and B vitamins (I am not as familiar with the Cod liver oil). Does your prenatal have folic acid? I would assume it did. That is a MUST for pregnant women and even before they conceive.

Sounds like you are seeking to be well-informed about birth options. Whatever you decide will be great if you are following the Lord's leading and your husband's direction. I am not as familiar with home births since all my mom's children were born before it was well-known or as commonly practiced. I got to witness one home birth of a woman in our local church. It was a wonderful experience for me to observe. She is currently expecting their 12th child.

After seeing that home birth and a couple hospital births during my OB clinicals in nursing school I can certainly understand why so many women prefer the home birth atmosphere. So much more private and personal.

I sure hope you nausea doesn't worsen much. My mom had morning sickness but it was bearable. She craved some interesting things: Peanut butter cookies with my oldest brother and grapefruit with the last boy. I don't remember about the other three of us.

Thanks for sharing more details about the latest happenings. That is too funny that the computer estimated due date is 9 months to the day from your wedding. Of course, who really knows the exact day. :)

Would you like any name suggestions? A site I used to frequent (just because I love looking at unique names in general) is They have so many categories to browse from. They also have some neat columns and special offers. From how you described your naming preferences I think you and Adrian will pick wonderful names. I can relate about wanting unique names but not something totally weird or hard to spell.

Well, keep as updated as things progress. Congratulations again! I am very excited for you both, eh...all three. Hehe.

Take care.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Ashley is a nice name. :-)

Here's a unique one: "River". I think you should go with that one!

Jessica said...

WHAT?! *faints*

[Sorry, but something like that is faintable even if warning is given...]

Tammy C said...

Bun in the oven -haven't heard that term in awhile!!


Jessie said...

Elswyth(e) is a pretty name for a girl. I saw it once on a book and thought how lovely it is. I don't mind if you take it though, since things like these *are* first come, first serve. As long as I get a Jonathan and an Elizabeth. But those are probably too ordinary for y'all anyway, so it shouldn't matter... We'll brainstorm some more names I'm sure when I come visit! Hey, would it help if I did some cooking for you while I'm there? I wouldn't mind a bit.

Robert said...

Congratulations to both of you!

A couple of names are Liv and Malcolm.Another good name is Anne with an e :)

Becky Miller said...

I craved fruit a lot my first trimester. That's so good that you want healthy food! Make sure to eat a TON of helps in so many ways.

Sherrin said...

Yay! Glad to hear more details about your exciting news :). Still praying!

Annette M. Heidmann said...

Hi Susan,
Just popped in for a visit and saw your wonderful news! Many hearty congratulations to you and Adrian from Paul and myself. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and birth for you and baby! :-)
Annette Heidmann

Laura B said...

Congratulations! We'll keep y'all in our prayers!


Christine said...

Hi! I came here via Kacie's blog. I had my first child, 9 months and a day after our wedding. We are now blessed with three little sweeties.My youngest was born last July, so I can attest that having a summer baby has many benefits.(She was also my first homebirth.) My other babies were winter babies and I had to be super cautious about dressing them super warm. I also like having nice weather for the end of my pregnancy, so I can walk a lot, to help with dilation. Blessings!

Lauren said...


I remember seeing you at American Vision's first Worldview Superconference (my family supplied the music for that), and have visited your blog a few times since then. Nice to "meet" you! : )

I'm getting married myself in May, and moving 4000 miles away to Alaska! Excitement! We're both ecstatic about the prospect of having a little baby, Lord willing, in just about a year!

My whole family takes cod liver oil, and my mom took it all throughout the pregnancy of my now 14-month old baby sister. Recently, we discovered that cod liver oil - while excellent for you normally - causes brain development problems and other issues for a baby if taken during pregnancy or nursing. This seems to be a little known fact, but we have heard it from several different sources. You might do some research of your own on it. Also, I can ask my mom exactly what she found out about it. (She's out of town now for medical reasons for the baby, but I can ask when I talk with her on the phone.)

My baby sister has both down syndrome and epilepsy, and - while we know that obviously CLO couldn't have caused either of them - her especially severe developmental delays could have been affected at least somehow by CLO.

I think there is actually one kind of cod liver oil that is safe for during pregnancy, but I'm not sure. Again, I'll check with my mom.

Blessings to you, your husband, and the new little boy!