Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Finally, a post! :-)

I finally decided that if I keep waiting for time to post, it's never going to come, so I'm posting anyway :-). Our professional photographs have not yet arrived, nor our video, but they both should be forthcoming the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we've been enjoying select photos by family and friends. For a more complete group of photos, see photo links in previous post. Many thanks to Grace True for providing the photos for this post :-).

We had a wonderful wedding day!

Family and friends started arriving on Thursday, my groom among them :-), and Friday consisted of a whirlwind of activity, including decorations and last-minute decorations at the church all afternoon.

Our longtime friends, the Trues, put together the flower arrangements.

And they did a beautiful job!!!

I felt like on Friday I was constantly being accosted by someone for a question, help, etc., which was rather necessary, but exhausting. But, I had already promised Adrian that Saturday was my day of delegation (not doing tasks myself), and I wouldn't worry about anything once the ceremony started :-). I'd planned the wedding all summer, and I wasn't about to not enjoy it from over-busyness! My mom is the one who really brought me through that last week, in fact, as I was finally wearying of wedding details. Mothers are wonderful :-D. But I digress.

Anyway, the rehearsal was very helpful and amusing, as we had quite a collection of witty people at the gathering, so it was a light, fun event.


The rehearsal dinner was even better than the rehearsal. We made the mistake of asking various family and friends to "roast" us, and they did a really good job! Lane and Ben have both posted their roasts on respective blogs. My abdominal muscles were aching after Ben's roast of me :-).

After a late Friday night, we started pictures the next morning around 9:30. By this time I was done with any personal tasks, and was able to just enjoy the day. I wasn't nervous or stressed or anything, and I really felt so relaxed throughout the whole day. It was wonderful :-).

Here is our ridiculously cute flower girl, Ila Keister (Lane's oldest). Her mother, Sarah, made her beautiful dress and headpiece.

And here is the cutie ringbearer, Ila's brother James, held by Adrian:

Maid-of-honor Hannah Garrison and Best Man Lane Keister (you can just barely see my hair and veil):

Jessie was able to come down mid-Friday, and was vastly helpful Friday and Saturday, running to and fro, accomplishing an untold number of tasks :-). She and the Trues were WONDERFUL errand women :-). Here is Jessie, holding Edmund, who is Lane's youngest - only 2 months old! Awwwwwww.

This picture takes some explaining:

I decided that I didn't want to have a whole train of bridesmaids, making the rehearsal and ceremony much more complicated, but I did have several friends I wanted to honor. I asked Hannah to be my maid-of-honor, and I had no more bridesmaids; however I had 9 "bouquet maids".

I processed on my dad's arm with only a white Bible in my hands, and then after the congregation was seated, Anne's Theme was played on the harp while the bouquet maids slowly filed to the front from the back row of the sanctuary, carrying one to two roses each. They handed me the roses individually, as they came up to where I was in the front of the sanctuary. Then the last maid tied a ribbon around my bouquet, and they all returned to their seats down a side aisle. It was a nice touch, I thought, and was a simple way of honoring my friends :-). I got the idea from a woman in my church. The above picture is all of us practicing just before the ceremony.

Back in the bride's room just before the ceremony:

I made Hannah's dress and Jessie and I made mine together, in July.

Dr. and Mrs. Adrian Keister!


Mrs.B said...

The pictures are wonderful, I've enjoyed seeing all of them!

And I read your brother's roast and it was FUNNY!! (o;

Kacie said...

Hooray! Finally, we hear from the new Mrs. Keister. Your wedding pictures are great!

king's_daughter said...

I've been waiting for this post for a long time, and I was not dissapointed! :-) Thanks so much!

Samara said...

Those are good photos! Congratulations again, Mrs. Keister :)

Jessica said...

YAY! A post from Susan! I've been waiting for this post...and if my Google Reader had been working like it was supposed to I would have seen it when you first posted it! (Has your Google Reader been working in the last couple days?) But that's beside the point...

Anyway...the pictures were great and I liked your idea about "bouquet maids"...I'll have to tuck that idea away for future reference (Lord-willing)...though my problem is that I don't know who to have as a maid-of-honor since I have two sisters!!! =) But I have awhile to think about it though...

Oh, and when were you planning on moving your blog? Because I don't want to miss any posts...and are you just moving over to Adrian's blog or are you both starting a new one?

I can't wait to hear more about your special day and see more pictures...though it's totally understandable if it's not tops on your list of priorities right now! =) You have more important things to think about...like your husband!
I'm so happy for you... =)

Anna Naomi said...

Your wedding was so lovely, Susan! Thank you again for inviting us! I enjoyed being there and meeting you face-to-face.

I agree - your ring bearer and flower girl were so cute!! We really liked how you had bouquet maids - it was a great idea and so sweet! Also, the flowers and colors you chose were so lovely!

Robert said...

I enjoyed the pictures.Sounds like it was a lovely wedding.

Becky Miller said...

The bouquet maids is a great idea!

Tammy C said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures.Looks like it was a nice day.I liked your idea of bouquet maids -very unique.

I hope you are adjuting to married life and living in Virginia.

Mandy said...

Beautiful photos! Congratulations on your marriage!