Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thankful on Thursday - Take III

I'm enjoying this weekly opportunity to reflect on God's blessings. Thank you, Lydia, for creating and hosting this Thankful on Thursday series!

This week I have a list of miscellaneous items for thanks:

1. I'm thankful that I now have a bit of a break from teaching and tutoring, with Thanksgiving :). This means I get a little time to maybe catch up on alterations and to see out-of-town friends.

2. Speaking of out-of-town friends, I'm thankful to God that I live in an era of easy travel. Several of my close friends live out of state, so I'm thankful for the means and opportunity to visit them (and have them visit me). Modern transportation really is a wonderful gift!

3. I'm thankful for little babies to hold! My church is overflowing with babies right now, and I'm so thankful for the sweet mothers who let me hold their little ones. There are few things I enjoy more than cuddling a baby :). And anytime I want the chance to babysit, I have ready opportunity.

4. I'm thankful for seasons. God could have made a world with no seasons, but instead he created four distinct and beautiful seasons to enjoy. And because each one only comes around once a year, we can appreciate its beauty more! Right now I'm thankful for the beautiful autumn leaves.

What are you thankful for? Write a post, and let Lydia know!


Anonymous said...

Thankfulness take III and still no mention of being thankful for your family! *sigh*

Jessie said...

I'm thankful for your family! : )

Susan said...

Well, what if I'm trying to save my dear family to be thankful for on Thanksgiving week? Hmm? You are on my "to be thankful for" list! Believe me :). And I wasn't in your post on thankfulness, Dearie, unless I was the polar bear. *raises eyebrow and ponders that possibility*

Ashley said...

Hahah Susan is a polar bear. That makes me laugh. ;-)

I'm thankful for your family! :-D

zan said...

I wish I had you as a babysitter. Babysisters that you fully trust your kids with are hard to find.

I can really relate to being thakful for babies to hold. I love holding my buggs. My baby bugg si at a serious seperation anxiety stage. It is so cute. Everytime I leave the room he crys and acts like I have abandoned him forever. He begins to drag himself after me like a parapalegic (he can't crawl, yet). It is so pathetic, yet, so cute.

I am also thankful for hot showers and coffee. They make getting up so much easier.

Anonymous said...

OOooooo... let me babysit your kids, Zan!!! Me, me! :-D

Yes, Susan, you were the polar bear sliding across the frozen pond. The resemblance is striking, is it not?

Susan said...

I want to babysit George and Harry too! I'll fight you for them, Hannah :). Except. . . it would be too far :(. *whimper*

*slaps Hannah for polar bear comment*

Ashley said...

Hmm Hannah... you're not getting yourself any points for Susan to write a post about how she's thankful for her family.

Lydia said...

Now, children. Let's all learn to get along shall we? ;) *wink*

I'm thankful for Hannah and her family and Susan and that they are such dear sisters to each other. :)

And Susan, you are not a polar bear. Rather, you are a graceful, lovely doe prancing freely and delicately across the meadow. :)

Susan said...

Thank you, Lydia. I like your description considerably better than my Dear Sister's description :). I'm not sure it's entirely accurate *whacks Hannah to keep quiet on my true state of gracefulness*, but I appreciate it just the same.