Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just Because I'm Also Curious. . .

(Alternate Title: Do I Sound Like Minnie Mouse?)

Lydia posted a fun question on her blog today. She is curious to know what her blog readers imagine her voice sounds like. I gave a rather boring answer:

I haven't really thought of what your voice is like. Everyone I know through blogging sounds like me in my mind :). Not because I think they actually sound like me, but because I'm hearing my voice as I mentally read their words.

Okay, then I did give her a more exciting answer, but the above really is true! You all sound like "me" in my mind, even those of you with Australian accents ;-). And as for the guys, it's not that I really think you sound like me (that would be weird!), but I think just about any male voice would still surprise me, because it's not my voice. But you girls all sound like "me" in my head :).

But, all this talk on Lydia's blog has made me wonder what my blog readers think I sound like. Zan suggested Audrey Hepburn, but I'm not sure if she is serious ;-). While I wouldn't mind sounding like Audrey Hepburn, I definitely don't think my voice is that nice. Hehe. Anyone else like to share their own guesses? Low, high. Soft, loud. What about an accent? Do I have a Southern drawl? A nasally Northern accent? As Lydia said, the zanier the guess, the better :).

I'll be missing-in-action for the next several days, as we make a trip to Chattanooga and then come home in time for a few quick rounds of guests on Friday and Saturday, so feel free to leave your guesses while I'm absent :). I may post a sound clip next week, as Lydia said she may do.

And if you already know me in person, you can't guess!!!


Lydia said...

Ooooo, this is fun. I may have started a blogging trend. LOL! J/k :)

Okay for your voice, Susan:

I hear a lower voice, not low-low but definitely lower than mine. If I recall correctly, you mentioned singing the alto part. Of course, you can't base one's vocal pitch on vocal range alone. For example my mother and I have been told that we sound virtually alike but she sings alto and I sing mezzo.

Now for the accent: I honestly don't know. I could maybe hear slightly southern because of the region you live in but then again I remember you saying that your family is originally from Indiana. I guess it would be closer to midwestern. Just reading your blog and how you write I can't really picture you with a southern drawl anyway. :)

Speed of voice: Ummm, I'm thinking medium paced to slightly fast but not slow or super fast. I can definitely hear lots of varied vocal inflections in your tone. You seem to write this way and I can totally see you being very expressive in your speech as well.

I hope you aren't too annoyed wih me for this, but I can kinda' hear a slight nasal tone. But not in a bad way and not the way northerner's accents are. More like you are closer to the nasal side vs. a breathy tone of voice. I can't see you speaking with a breathy tone AT ALL. Hope this makes sense. :)

Oh, I also sense a commanding voice. Not in a negative way but like someone who knows what she is saying and has something important to say. Not a timid voice if you get my meaning.

I could be way off base in every way. It should be interesting to see how close or not so close I was.
I am excited to hear what your actual voice sounds like. Any great suggestions for posting a sound clip?

John Dekker said...

My guess is "American accent". ;) But I know what you mean - when I read your blog I read it in my voice.

For what it's worth, if anyone wants to hear my voice, you can download a recording on this sermon page.

I've never liked it myself, though.

John Dekker said...

This is another of the weird blogger things - my comment only shows up in the "Post a comment" page... :(

John Dekker said...

That's better...

Miriam Rebekah said...

I would guess that your voice is soft and moderated. I hear a slight southern drawl, also (of course, that may be cause I have a southern drawl).

I do know what you mean about hearing it in my voice. Hadn't thought about it before, but it's true.

Ashley said...

I always imagine you with a nasaly smoker's voice, heavy with too many years of cigarettes and lounge singing. Of course a New England accent, calling everyone "deah".

I'm ignoring the last line in your post, by the way.

When I met Becky, I remember being surprised that her voice was a lot higher pitched than I expected. Perhaps because my voice is rather low (although I'm told it sounds lower to me than to others).

zan said...

Not Audrey Hepburn!!! Katerine Hepburn, darling. Get your classic actresses right! Man!

I was just kidding about you sounding like her. I think you have a very intelligent deep voice. Maybe a little nasaly like Laura Ingraham or Ann Coulter. I don't think you have much of an accent. You seem too aware of yourself to have one. I think you have excellent pronunciation, too.

Even thought I am from NE I don't have an accent.

I think that John has an Australian accent. What does anyone else think? I'm going to check it out to see if I'm close.; )

zan said...

Hey. I was right about John. Imagine that! I'm good at this. ; D

Jessie said...

awww, no guesses for me. boo hoo hoo.
But it was good to meet you in person anyway, even if that means I can't guess now : ) Have a good trip!
(And I will e-mail you like I said I would... as soon as I can!)

Anonymous said...

He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart.
~J.A. Shedd

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Hugs & Blessings,
Susan Godfrey

Anonymous said...

You sound like a polar bear.

Anna Naomi said...

You sound like me in my head. I'd never really thought about it, but that is how I read everyone's blogs... With my voice in my head! =) So, you would have a soft, smiley voice! :-)

Adrian C. Keister said...

You're tall, which tends to produce lower voices. I'd guess you have a low, earnest voice.

In Christ.

Susan said...

If anyone wants to know what I sound like, see Lydia's comment above for a pretty accurate description :). That's sort of eery, Lydia, really!

I do have a semi-low voice, as several people postulated, but not extremely low. I don't have problem with getting volume when I need it :), and I have no accent, at least says I! I pronounce things like the dictionary, which means that pen and pin are definitely pronounced differently! I say "y'all" occasionally, but that's about the closest thing to a Southern accent that I have. I do vary my tone and volume, as Lydia suggested. I have a strong voice for teaching and used to be known in our homeschool group as a rather loud encourager during kickball games. Hehe. But I also use a more normal volume in everyday conversation :).

I'm going to try to post a sound clip next week sometime, but first that would require knowing how, so if Lydia or anyone else would like to explain that to me, feel free :).

That is funny, Zan. I completely misread your comment! I know the difference between the two Hepburns (I love one, can't stand the other. . . ), but I spaced it :).

Your Australian accent is awesome, John :). Now I want to hear Sherrin (hint, hint, Sherrin!).

Ashley said...

Yes, Sherrin, why don't you post a clip of your voice pronouncing your name? ;-)