Saturday, June 07, 2008

I found them!

The other pictures reappeared. So many picture files, but I uncovered them.

I thought this was a fun one :-).

Monday night we went to a few stores to look for maternity shirts for Stephanie. Hannah decided she had to try on this peasant-style maternity shirt. She's trying to give herself a belly here, but it looks. . . odd.

A little more normal looking, but still bunchy there, Hannah ;-).

I thought this was such a cute one of Stephanie :-). Brother Dear informed me that comparatively, I look enormous. Thanks, Bro ;-). Hannah called me fat all week, and said she was awfully glad it didn't phase me, because that would have been very unfun. Hehe.


Eltinwe said...

Lovely pictures. You look... about thrice the size you normally do.

I'm glad that there is SOMEONE else out there who not only calls it being "fat" but someone who doesn't mind being called "fat" while pregnant. Seriously, a LOT of it IS fat... and it's supposed to be, and that's a good thing. People are just so paranoid about being "fat" that the very word seems to terrify them. Something about it being necessary for life and health seems to escape the mental processes. And I understand that it's a completely socially unacceptable thing to do, but... well, B made mention of me being "fat" the other day (while it does dissipate rapidly and transfer over to the baby, it doesn't dematerialize overnight) and the women we were talking to scolded him. It was funny when he said he wouldn't do it if I minded, but he knows I don't mind, so why bother lying about it?

AND this comment is WAY too long, and I'm pontificating to no end... but I'm too lazy today to edit it, so if I may just apologize instead... sorry my post is excessive. Nice pictures, anyway.

Kacie said...

Are ya still pregnant? :)

Susan said...

Most definitely still pregnant :-) :-/. I still have just over a week until my due date, and I'm not sensing any signs of this little boy being ready to come out anytime soon. I'm definitely not expecting him early right now. He's STILL flip-flopping, going back and forth from vertex position (head-down) to transverse, and back. Can you say "frustrating"? So, I don't think he's ready to settle down and come out yet. I'm trying to pass the time patiently (ha!) by sewing.