Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Sister is Awesome :-)

Hannah has been up in Quebec for 6 weeks (getting back in 3 days) studying at a university there. Glad it's her and not me. French is a beautiful language, but I cannot speak it, and my reading comprehension of it is limited. Anyway, so my mom just e-mailed Hannah asking her how her money was holding out for the trip, and this was her response (shared with Hannah's permission):

Hehe... funny you should ask about the money. First of all, let`s start of by saying that Dr. Chesnut suggested that we bring about $300 for spending money. At a recent meeting of our group to get stuff straight about the flight home and everything, he asked how that was doing for everyone. Every other person said that they had needed way more than that... about $700. You wanna know how much poorer I am after this trip (okay, so not including the actual price of the trip!) - including having to buy a couple textbooks, going on a $25 shopping spree to a Goodwill-type store near here, buying some bus tickets, eating out a few times, buying a lock for a locker, paying $10 every week to be able to take my lunches to school with me, various other small expenses, etc? I changed $20 of American money into Canadian money when we first crossed over and I haven`t needed any more since. As a matter of fact, I was able to give about $200 of `leftover´ money to the churches here who have blessed me so much. How, you might ask, if I only changed $20 at the beginning of the trip? Well, for our lunches, Dr. Chesnut gave us $45/week to buy them. The first week I bought lunches, but then I realized that if I made my lunches like I do at home, I could save money there. Mme Robillard provided me with bread and carrots and fruit and such to made lunches and I paid her $10/week. Also, there were a few times I didn`t end up eating supper with my family because I was invited elsewhere at church or they were out of town or something, and most of those times Mme Robillard gave me $10 per meal when that happened since she didn`t have to prepare it. Plus Dr. Chesnut gave each student $45 to buy the bus pass for the month of August here, but thankfully I didn`t need the bus pass since I walk to school, so I just used some of that money to buy a few one-time bus tickets that I`ve needed and pocketed the rest. Ah, how I love saving money! Yes, yes, I know... all in all we spent a lot of money for this trip. Just burst my bubble.
And you probably didn`t want to know all those little details, but there you have them anyway. :-) So, yeah, my money is holding out just fine.

People think I'm careful with money, until they meet my sister :-). The funny thing is, she's been plenty social while she's been there too. It's not like she's been hiding in a closet. It just goes to show that you can have fun, with people, and do it cheaply :-D.


ashley@twentysixcats said...

Hannah, I need you to come and help me with my money! Make $20 last six weeks!

une_fille_d'Ève said...

Just to clarify a few things... I do want to give thanks to God for the many opportunities He`s given me to save money! - opportunities that some of the other students didn`t have. For instance, my host mom let me do laundry at the home for free. Some of the other students had to pay $5/week for that. Also, I was one of the few who lived near enough to the university to walk every day, so I didn`t have to buy a bus pass. And preparing my lunch to take every day instead of buying it couldn`t have worked with every family, but it worked out beautifully with my family. My host mom buys me anything I request and always makes sure that I have everything I need for a scrumptuous, delightful lunch! My host mom is also more than willing to take me to the airport for my return trip this Saturday, whereas several of the other students are going to pay about $45 for a taxi. Things like that, big and small, have helped. I`m very thankful!
--Susan`s awesome sister who, contrary to popular belief, does NOT hide in the closet in order to save money ;-)

Adrian C. Keister said...

She's also strange. But loveable.