Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Picture from my VA visit

I admit that I didn't have my camera readily available for snapping pictures when Jessie and I posed in NC (it may or may not have been locked in my car. . . ), so to see a picture from my visit with Jessie, you'll have to go to her blog :-).

Meanwhile, here is one from my visit with Adrian:

I've given up on getting Blogger to load a picture to my profile, by the way. I'm not trying to be visually elusive; I'm just at my wit's end with Blogger picture profiles!


zan said...

Oh, you guys look so good together.

God bless you guys!

Mrs.B. said...

What a lovely picture! And I agree with Zan, you two do look good together. (o:


Ashley said...

What's all that white stuff on the ground? ;-)

Becky said...

A person would have to be cold-hearted to not be abundantly happy for the two of you. You guys look incredibly content! :)

Lydia said...

Oh, how fun! Thanks for sharing it with us. It looks like VA received some snow too. Ours is finally about all melted. We have had temps in the 60s the last couple of days. Maybe spring really will come to these parts. I was beginning to wonder. ;)

I also wondered about your Blogger profile pic. I thought maybe it was just my computer but I guess not. That is strange.

Blogger made me change over to the new version last week. It didn't seem to effect my photos. Oh, well. Maybe your next profile pic could have you and Adrian together. ;)

Susan said...

Awww. Thank you for all the sweet comments, everyone :-). I think your comment pretty well summed it up, Becky: "incredibly content." :-)

That was snow, Ashley honey :-). Wow, temperatures in the 60's recently, Lydia? That's warm for KS now, isn't it?

I think the problem is that Blogger has such strange urls for photos now, with all sorts of weird characters, and I don't think it pastes well to the profile. I should have just left my old picture, but now it's too late! Ah well :-).

True Grace said...

Well, I have to agree that you do go together Susan!! Couldn't Adrian shave? Cleanly shaven faces look so much better!! I think that Ben and Hannah's GT statuses have been hilarious!!!! =D I kinda feel like putting the same things!! =P

Meg G said...

Adrian _could_ shave, but why? His beard looks great, and Susan likes it.

Adrian C. Keister said...

And Adrian really doesn't want to get rid of his beard. :-)] (That's a smile with beard.)

In Christ.

Susan said...

The beard stays.

zan said...

Actually, the beard is growing on me. I think he should keep it.

However, My husband is still forbidden to grow one. If he does, I will "pull a Deliah" (sp?) and put Benadryl in his ice tea and shave him myself. I *do* know how to shave a man without cutting him. You learn it in nursing school. :-)

Ashley said...

Paul's forbidden to have a beard too. Actually, he can have one if he wants, but anytime he forgets to shave, I'll say "too scratchy" and refuse to kiss him. Hehe I'm so mean. :-) He likes his clean-shaven face anyways.

Eltinwe said...

You anti-beard ladies don't understand the fun of the beardedness. I never thought I'd come to the defense of Adrian's beard, but... I am. When he first tried it, I wasn't a fan, but he's learned to trim it quite nicely, and I think it becomes him.

My husband usually wears a goatee. I made him shave it once a few years back, and then really missed it. They're wonderful things. You should really try it sometime.

Samantha said...

What a cute picture! You compliment each other :)

zan said...

My husband HAD a beard before I met him. He isn't the bearded type. It didn't grow in full and he looked like a serial killer.

Adrian's grows in full and thick, so he can get away with one. He looks more the "professor" rather than the "serial killer".

kalipay said...

well, i haven't kissed a bearded face yet, but i definitely don't mind looking at one. to each their own, since it's not a specific biblical mandate either way!! :)

Ben said...

Well I think that Adrian's beard is just so cute and dreamy. *sigh*

Susan said...

I think the key is that he has learned to nicely trim it, as Anna pointed out. Beards can be ghastly if unkempt or too full. And some men "do beards" better than others. *sticks tongue out at Ben's comment*

Oh, for those of you (probably most) who missed Adrian's past post on beards, it really was rather interesting. You can find it here.

True Grace said...

Wow! I started something, huh?!?! =) Well, I DON"T like beards, but that's me! I went to Adrian's post about beards. I didn't know you could say so much about them! =P

Lydia said...

Well, since everyone is talking about facial hair I figured I should add my two cents...

In our family none of the men seem able to grow beards so it is a non-issue. However, my dad has had a mustache since before I was born! He has only shaved it once since he grew it (after he was married but before I was born). There is a funny story behind this.

He said he didn't have to start really shaving until he was in college. It was in college that he grew his mustache. After his father saw it he told his son, "You'll never shave it off." So with one exception, my dad has fulfilled his dad's prophecy about his mustache. :)

I think my dad looks good with his mustache, although since I have never seem him without it I can't say that definitively. Obviously, I don't know what it is like to kiss a man (beard or no beard). So I can't speak to that. ;)

I do like goatees. I think they look sophisticated. ;) I wish one of my brothers could grow a goatee (if it were possible). I am not as crazy about beards but I think if my *hypothetical* husband chose to have one I would not make a big deal of it.

I also like long sideburns, especially on men with rounded faces. It seems to help make their faces appear narrower.
Even though my middle brother, Josh, does not have a rounded face, I think he would look incredible with sideburns. He is already super good-looking to begin with but sideburns would make him look really fantastic (I think). ;)

I think that Caleb, the oldest brother, would look cool with a goatee. He is a scholar and a philosopher at heart. I could just picture a goatee on that kind of man.

Nathan is too young for any facial hair but just yesterday he told me that he thought he was getting whiskers on his chin. It was so cute. He wants to be just like one of the "big guys." He doesn't have too much longer to go, since he is turning 12 in April.

Okay, so there you have my thoughts about men and facial hair. Women and facial hair is another topic for another day...

zan said...

Oh, Lydia, that was priceless. Seems like you put a lot of thought into that!

Susan said...

"Lydia's Philosophy on Men and Beards." Hehe. It could be a best-seller :-). It was very interesting, Lydia; I agree with Zan. Interesting point about the sideburns; I hadn't thought about that, but it's true!

True Grace said...

Hey, Adrian could add some dreadlocks! That would scare most of the girls off!! =P

Susan said...


Adrian C. Keister said...

Reply to Grace.

I find the beard to scare most women off very nicely indeed, without the need for horrid dreadlocks, thank you very much. Do you have any other suggestions of which you can be 100% certain I won't take? ;-)]

In Christ.

Lydia said...

BTW, Adrian I really like your "virtual" beard on the little character face you make. Now how would you do a goatee? Maybe like this:


The bracket over the mouth is supposed to be a mustache.

Any other ideas?
Okay, this is getting weird. I think I have been getting way too little sleep lately. I had about 3-3 1/2 hours last NOC. I don't know why either. I was out late but I made sure to stay away from the caffeine and be home by 2230.

There is nothing worse than lying in bed for hours trying to fall back to sleep. Nothing worse that is, unless you also have to get up at 0515 like I did.
Another Sunday afternoon nap looks promising. ;)

Ashley said...

Paul had a beard the year before I met him, and people always said he looked scary. Hehe Of course, he didn't keep it nicely trimmed or anything so it was scraggly (or so he tells me). It did help him look not 15, I guess...

When he shaved it off, he went and sat in the lounge of our dorm and one of his really good friends came and sat next to him, and did not recognize him at all. I think that's funny.

Sherrin said...

I have had trouble uploading pictures to my blogger profile too, since I changed my blog over to beta. It is to do with the urls. So my picture just stays the same!

Adrian C. Keister said...

Reply to Lydia.

Thank you for complimenting the, uh, intense artistry required to affix a beard to a smiley. Incidentally, the proper smiley for a goatee is :-)}. A moustache plus goatee is a bit more difficult. That might be :-{)}, though that makes for a long face. You should ask Susan for the smiley I made for her long hair. That actually did take a bit of work. Hehe.

In Christ.

Jessie said...

You two are so cute together! What a good picture : )

Susan said...

Sorry you've been having some insomnia, Lydia :-(. No fun! Here is my long-hair smiley that Adrian created, by the way :-D.

( :-)

Sherrin, I wish I had just kept my picture as-is, but now it won't change back :-(. Ah well. It gives me more of a mysterious air. Hehe.

Lydia said...

Very cute, Susan! I love the long braids on your face. Way to go at impressing a girl while maintaining your geekiness (a computer created smiley face), Adrian.;)

Actually, I would imagine Susan was already impressed by your geekiness.
You two were made for each other!

I think I will throw out some random curiosity wondering since many folks seem to hang out here: Zan, or anyone else, have you noticed that nurses tend to be attracted to or marry a particular kind of guy? I have seen a pattern that nurses seem to marry engineers and vice vs. I know several female nurses that are married to engineers or something similar as a profession. I just wondered about this. What is it that makes it so? I don't know that you can get much further from nursing than engineering (although they are both sciences). Opposites attract maybe?

Anyway, just my random musing. And no this does not implicate me in any way. ;)

zan said...

What kind of engineer, Lydia?

The nurses I know are and still are married to the following:

Mom-married to software programmer (my dad)
Me: married to Unix Admin/Back-up Restore Guy and anything else that Intel asks him to do (I really don't get what he does. LOL!)

My sister soon to be nurse: Manager of Grocery Store

Former co-workers: Married to dentist, truck driver, barber, really rich guy (not sure what he did, but ca-ching!), cop, bum, bum, nurse, Respitory Therapist, bum, electrician, carpenter/construction guy, farmer, teacher, and bum. Those are all the nurses I can think of. I will say that my supervisor was an engineer and worked twenty years doing that, then went to nursing school and became a nurse. He was one of the best nurses I have ever met. So, maybe there is some relation between nursing and engineering.

My husband has a very technical job and I think that was one of the things that attracted me to him. He was like my dad in that respect. I think girls marry men that remind them of their fathers. The other huge plus that my husband had going for him was that he was VERY mature. As IMmature as I am, I really needed that. ;-)