Friday, February 16, 2007


Just over a year ago, on Valentine's Day, I posted a Valentine's Day Prayer from a Maiden-in-Waiting. I meant every word of it. I felt so incredibly blessed with love last year on Valentine's Day, and the Lord truly did allow me to count abundance, not drought. I was more content in my singleness probably than I ever had been. God had just recently opened my eyes to the vastness of His grace, and I was overwhelmed with His love. There was not lack in my life, but abundance. And Adrian agreed with my sentiment by commenting with a simple "Amen." Hehe. Little did we know. . . :-)

Why does God give good gifts to His children? And why does He not stop after a few token gifts, instead of continuing to pour them upon me? Or a better question, why did He not stop after giving me the greatest gift possible? No words nor sentiments can ever truly express my thankfulness for Christ's sacrifice for me on the cross. He paid the debt I could not pay and gifted me the righteousness I could not earn. That is love. God owes me nothing, yet He offers me righteousness, eternal life, a place at His table, co-inheritance with Christ. Why? Then I remember: He loves me, and more importantly, He does it for His glory. The only being in the universe who deserves to be given glory chooses to use me, a broken sinner, to bring Him glory. Wow.

But God doesn't stop with salvation, though such a gift would alone be enough to leave my cup overflowing. He gives me family, friends, food, shelter, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. And He even chooses to fulfill so many of my little girl dreams by sending me a man I do not deserve. Adrian's love for me astonishes me, and it gives me a human picture of Christ's love for me. Adrian accepts me for who I am. He loved me first, when I did not love him. He loves me in spite of the fact that he knows I'm not perfect. He overlooks the imperfections I have of which he is aware, and he genuinely does not remember them. He stands not only willing, but eager, to forgive my sins - past, present, future, and to help me turn from them, to Christ. His assurance of his readiness to forgive makes me even more secure in his love and therefore more able to love him in return. It's a picture of the Gospel, a beautiful weaving of law and grace.

Why has God chosen to bless me beyond measure? I'll never quite be able to answer that. God delights to give good gifts to His children, though they don't deserve them. He uses them to show His children a visible representation of the Gospel. And He does it for His glory. Sometimes, rather than trying to figure out the "why" of God's actions, all I can do is whisper "thank you," and then fall on my face in front of His throne.


Jessie said...

It was a pleasure to read again what you wrote last Valentine's day. And I thought it was funny that only Adrian and I ever commented about it. : ) I must admit that last year I wondered what all might be going on in his mind behind that simple "Amen," but then again, I'm a girl and therefore inclined to romanticize and analyze!!
My thoughts have been turned to how God has even recently been blessing me with small tokens of love. I will be posting on my blog about this soon, so I won't steal my own thunder now-- but in so many ways just this year so far the Lord has proven that He is faithful, that He loves me, that He hears my requests for even the little things, and delights in answering them... Not only has He blessed me with the best Gift of Salvation, but on top of that He is sure to see that I am well-cared for and comfortable and happy because of Him. And if He is faithful in the small things, He will be faithful in the big ones too. I've never thought until just now about "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much" as relating to God, but it is true! He *is* faithful, both in the small and big things!
If He knows what kind of shoes I want (more about that in my upcoming post), does He not know what I need in a husband? If He cares about seeing to my little needs, will He not provide for the much more important need?? He is so good to me! He says He will bless me, and that is enough cause to rejoice. But then I see Him bless me, and my heart overflows! God is good.

Romans 8:32

Keziah said...

Susan - that's a beautiful post really pointing us towards God. It is so good to be reminded of this when we are discontent or worried. Your words about Adrian are lovely, remembering that God gave us marriage to us as a picture of his relationship with us. It is wonderful that you are mirroring that even now.

Jessie - looking forward to seeing these posts.

Lydia said...

A great post for a wonderful occasion. While studying Romans I have experienced many of the same sentiments. The biggest thing I have taken away is that there is no room for pride at the foot of the cross. None. Nada.

Who am I to boast in anything of myself? It is all what God has done and given to me through the sending of his Son. I have been mulling over these thoughts and plan to post something more in depth on my blog, hopefully soon. I am working 11a-11p today so I need prayer for grace to get through a long day after having spent the early morning at the BSF leader's meeting. God's grace is sufficient.

I, too, can echo your thoughts about feeling this is the most content I have ever been about nearly everything in my life (my job is sometimes a struggle to be content with). Studying his word has given me a whole new picture of who he is and what he does for his children. I have nothing to complain or get upset about.

Well, off to finish up a few chores before I leave. Have a great day reflecting on God's goodness.

Oh, and may I have permission to link to this for the next Thursday of Thankfulness? I really need some more contributors. Hopefully others will step up again with their own contributions. ;)

Susan said...

I loved your post on "little blessings," Jessie! And your thoughts hear were wonderful as well :-).

Thanks for your comment, Keziah. I've been enjoying your recent comments on my blog and others :-).

Certainly you may link to this next Thursday, Lydia. I've been wanting to contribute more to ToT, but I can't write under pressure, and I never have time or motivation to write on thankfulness at the right time :-(. I've been enjoying your recent posts on thankfulness!

Becky Miller said...

Hurrah, what an uplifting post! Thanks!

kalipay said...

i understand what you mean about a man's love being a picture of Christ's. i had read Scriptures, many times, and i knew this is what it is supposed to be in my head. but recently i have been extremely blessed and privileged to begin to experience this love lived out in a man's life. i pray i never forget the vivid picture it has portrayed for me of my Saviour. thank you for sharing.