Wednesday, February 28, 2007


In need of some R&R. I've really been unable to thoroughly read or cogently comment to blog posts of late. I've been busy. . . and distracted ;-). I'll have a very pleasant distraction for the next week and a half, with an additional person in the house. Then only a week after Adrian leaves, my friend Emily comes for a few days. Then I go on two weeks of Spring Break and hope to be traveling some during that time. All in all, I think it would best for my time, sanity, and productivity if I disappear until early April, perhaps the second week.

I'll still be on e-mail, undoubtedly, so I welcome links to blog posts that you think would particularly interest me; I just don't plan on keeping up with blogs in general, though I will probably be making guest appearances on Cucumberland Island, as the opportunity presents itself :-). And I'd love to hear from anyone by e-mail, unrelated to blogs :-). My e-mail is in my profile.

Ta-ta for now :-).


une_fille_d'Ève said...

She called you a distraction, Adrian. You should be offended!

Eltinwe said...

It's a slippery slope, my dear. You start down the path of vacation and 'sabbatical' and suddenly one day you realize... there is no going back. What do you think will happen when (if) you ever get married if you can't even manage a visit without a break?

(Plus, that way we get no gory details which please us/gross us out so much.)

Sherrin said...

What a brave and sensible person you are Susan, to make the break with blogger! I often think of it, but never do! I am sure it will be a relief to you to no longer feel the need to keep up with blogs for a while :). Perhaps your fondness for blogger will grow with absence. . . or perhaps as the last comment suggests, you shall be preoccupied forever! After all, once you've got your man what is the point of continuing to advertise all your views and hopes on the Internet? (Just joking, really! I am sure that catching a man was never your intention in having a blog). I miss your comments on my blog, Susan, but I am very glad that you so sensibly realise where your priorities are!

Meg G said...

"Distraction"? Is that like "third party"?? :-)

Hannah, you're flying stealth again!

Anna Naomi said...

Have fun, Susan! I'll miss your posts, of course, but hope that you have pleasant visits and travels!

Tammy C said...

I have been unable to comment for awhile and today I find out that you are taking a sabbatical!!

ENJOY your visitors-especially the first one.Have fun traveling.

Adrian C. Keister said...

Reply to Hannah.

I'm terribly offended... NOT. I'm definitely looking forward to distracting Susan for a while. :-)] Not to mention being distracted by Susan for approximately the same period of time.

In Christ.

Robert said...

Some of us would like to have that kind of distraction.

zan said...

Have a good break Susan. Enjoy your time with Adrian. We'll miss your posts.


Don't lose heart, she's out there somewhere. :-)

Andrea said...

Greetings from up north! I am new to the world of blogging and recently stumbled across your lovely little site through a string of other bloggers. And I must say that I have had the most delightful time looking back upon your older postings. We seem to have quite a few common interests and I look forward to more posts by you:) I hope your sabbatical is as refreshing to your soul as you had wanted! Take care and God bless.