Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Slice of the Country

Some of my readers may remember my post on Autumn last October, in which I shared my desire (which is particularly strong in the fall) to live in the country. I still hope to live in the country some day, but for now God has brought a slice of country to me.

In the aforementioned post, I mentioned a park my family had briefly visited once at the time of writing. Since that time we have had the opportunity of returning to that same park on numerous occasions. The other parks in our area are rather ugly, full of metal structures, paved trails, etc., but this park is markedly different, decorated as much as possible with a natural taste. There are extensive trails - some mulched and some chip-sealed - winding through the woods in the back of the park, just asking to be explored.

Hannah and I had hiked along one such trail a few times - accompanied once by Mother Dear and Father Dear - but there was another trail that we had not yet traversed. Today we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon enjoying God's creation, so we headed to the park to explore the other trail. The new trail was more extensive than the former, with many scenic views of a ravine and of a waterfall. There was more to see, more expanse in view at one time, and more and more trail to come. We could have spent much more time exploring.

A few months ago I had no idea that such a set of wooded trails was available in my area, and I was yearning for just such a park, not believing that my wish would be fulfilled. I looked at the confined parks near me, consisting of short, paved trails, and assumed my yearnings were in vain. God delights in pleasing His children and surprising them with provisions for the "little things" for which they pine :).

Sometimes the easiest things for which to thank God are the simplest. I was reminded today to cherish the little things in life - a mild January afternoon, fresh air, trees as far as the eyes can see, a rustic bench, the sound of a waterfall, strength to hike up and down dips and hills, a comfortable denim skirt that had been long-forgotten in my closet, a scarf to comfortably hold back my hair, while still allowing it to hang free, a sister who is a kindred spirit.

Lord, help me to remember to cherish the little things everyday.


Mrs.B. said...

Amen! One of my favourite hymns is 'His eye is on the sparrow' because it reminds me that even though God is such a BIG and AMAZING God, He is interested in every single aspect of the lives of His children.

I thank God for the gift of animals....our dogs and cat bring us so much joy!

Good post!

une_fille_d'Ève said...

You called me little!... er, is that a good thing or a bad thing? :-)

Susan said...

Oh, definitely a good thing, Dearie ;)!

I actually thought as I was typing; Hmmm, should I place Sister Dear in the list of "little things" I cherish. I decided you'd understand that I meant in stature, not importance ;).

zan said...

Just make sure you have some pepper spray with you. My sister loves the great woods around here (we are pretty much in the country)and she carries some with her. She also brings her St. Bernard which is always a deterant to potential attackers.

I'm paranoid. Someone was attacked in a nearby town on a trail.

Enjoy yourself but be safe.

Susan said...

Thanks for the concern, Zan :). I appreciate it. Not to worry, though; my dad is very protective in that sense - in a good way. My sister and I have to stay together and take a cell phone. Also the trail had several other people on it, so we weren't all alone. We saw other people every few minutes.

zan said...


It is terrible that we have to worry about those things. I live in a very small New England town with little or no crime and yet, I worry about my son all the time.

I found out that there is a sex offender living nearby the park I walk to in the summer. Good grief.

I guess I must trust God that He will take care of us.

Jessie said...

I had a "little things" moment yesterday, when I went for a walk in our neighborhood. I happened to glance up to the sky and really have a look. I thought to myself, "Now when was the last time I really looked at the clouds? I used to do that all the time!" It was really beautiful. The sky was a nice dark blue and there was this one little wispy bit of cloud all tangled up with itself.
Then I looked down and in the dead brown that had accumulated at the edge of the curb was this one lone ivy leaf. It was so beautiful! All green with little white veins... I had to pick it up and squeeze the stem to verify that it was real!
Thanks for reminding us to keep an eye out for the little moments, Susan.