Monday, January 09, 2006

My Parents' Anniversary Quilt

I mentioned in a previous post that I was making a quilt for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I finally finished it last week and here are a few pictures:

I used the Bear's Paw pattern, which is one of my favorites. This was my first (and quite possibly my last) attempt at a king size quilt. I think I may stick with queen or smaller from now on. . . We had to go over to my church to layer it. Many thanks to Mother Dear and Sister Dear for being willing participants :). We had to set up four 8-foot tables side-by-side to just barely fit the whole quilt.

I've already cut out all the pieces for my next quilt (for my friend who is getting married), and I started piecing it yesterday. I love the colors she chose - maroon, blue, and green. My goal is to finish it by the end of February so I'm not rushed right up to her wedding date, which is March 18th. I'll have enough to keep me busy, what with being the maid of honor and (along with her sister) making and decorating the wedding cake.

My poor neglected double wedding ring quilt, which I started quite a while ago for my hopechest and that I have had pieced and layered for several months, is going to have to wait even longer to finally be quilted and bound. It keeps being pushed back to make way for other (more urgent) quilting projects. Ah well. I don't anticipate it being put to use anytime soon ;).


zan said...

I have never been good at sewing or doing anything crafty. I would love to learn how to quilt. Did you do it all by hand or is it a tie quilt?

It came out very nice.

How full is your hopechest and what kind of things are in it? I never had one (other than my savings account, how romantic). My sister had one but it didn't have much in it.

Susan said...

The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted. I wouldn't have had the patience (or time) to do it all by hand, I must admit. It goes so much quicker by machine and is stronger. I am probably going to quilt my double wedding ring quilt by hand (it was machine pieced), since I didn't want to maneuver a queen-size quilt through my machine while sewing curves.

I've only done one tie quilt, for my sister, and that was a pain because I chose to use yarn instead of thread. Yarn is hard to try to poke through two layers of fabric and batting. It turned out to her liking, though.

I've been sewing since I was 7, but only started quilting a few years ago. I just bought a how-to type of book with instructions for a sampler. I've been hooked ever since :). It is also a good way for me to use smaller pieces of fabric that I've accumulated.

My hopechest is full, so I couldn't fit my double wedding ring quilt in there (without removing other things) even if it was finished. My mom jokes that I have no more hope left ;). Hehe.

I have an assortment of things in my hopechest which would take a while to list, but here are some things to give you an idea. I have a set of knit dishrags, a few aprons, two bed quilts, a few wall quilts, quilted potholders, a few crocheted baby afghans, a few cross-stitch pieces, etc. I also have some teacups, a few pottery pieces I painted, a glass bread plate I found at a yard sale, glass canisters for flour, sugar, etc. I found an 8-setting set of china at a thrift store for only $20 or so; it's missing the teacups, but has the dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and serving dishes. It was too nice to pass up :).

Mrs.B. said...

Wow Susan, you do amazing work! How Pretty!!

Samara said...

The quilt is stunning, Susan! I really like the choice of colors and the border patterns. I've only ever made t-shirt quilts (for my brothers, out of their old t-shirts).
I have a hopechest, too, but I don't keep much in it- mostly books and some handmade things, like my big braided rug. Since I now have my own little house, a lot of the kitchen & household things are already in use :)

Jessie said...

Beautiful, Susan!
I've pondered making a king-sized quilt before, and it's never occured to me that finding a place to put it together would be a difficulty! But you're right, I bet it was a challenge : )
I want to make a quilt for my hopechest using a block pattern I found that had my name in the title of it:
Old Maid's Puzzle
(he he he)
That's a fun block. If you rotate every other block 180 degrees, and arrange them checkerboard-style, you end up with a very intricate star/lattice pattern which I love. I'll let you know if I ever get started on it. I'm thinking true blue, light tan, and light green, on white maybe. I try to pick colors and styles that my one-day husband probably would like. I won't make him suffer with a pink and purple floweredy, puffy, lacy quilt or anything like that. If he lets me have flowered fabric I like the style of, I'll pick it in colors he likes. Sounds fair to me. But so far I'm not in any danger of having to worry about a husband's tastes. You know how that goes. : )
Anyway, keep up the good work!
PS- I just finished my first client's skirt! Did I ever tell you I decided to go with Carolina Sewing Services? I think it suits.

Susan said...

I'll have to look at the Old Maid's Puzzle block. It sounds pretty, and I love different options created by rotating blocks. My double wedding ring quilt is pink and blue, which I though would be a nice balance between girly and masculine :).

No, you hadn't told me the name of your sewing business. It fits nicely :). I'll be interested to see how that progresses.