Monday, November 14, 2005


Thanksgiving is 10 days away and I've been seeing Christmas decorations for weeks, since well before Reformation Day ;). I'm going to scream! It's all part of the vast consumerism plot. Look for my post on consumerism coming November 25th. . .


Ashley said...

Jingle bells, jingle bells... Santa's coming, Susan! are you excited? ;-)

Mrs.B. said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I guess Thanksgiving is the only holiday left that the world can't commercialize.

zan said...

Oh I LOVE the decorations and the music. It is so exciting. I hated Christmas when I was single. Now that I have a child I love it. Maybe you will change when you have children.

I was also thinking, why is it wrong for businesses to make money off of Christmas? It is a time for buying so businesses should take advantage of it. I think some miss the message of Christmas because of all the stress but that is their own fault, not Macy's.There is nothing wrong with a business making a profit.Buying is good for the economy too.

I look forward to your post but I think I know what it will say since I have alot of friends who dislike the Christmas rush, as well.


Susan said...

Maybe I didn't do a good job of explaining myself.

I love advent, traditional decorations, and traditional music. I don't like the tacky decorations (especially Santa Claus) or the shallower Christmas songs.

I don't have a problem with stores making money off the season; what bothers me is the extent to which the season is commercialized for excessive profits and greed. The reason the Christmas season keeps being extended farther back into fall is because of the stores' effort to earn even more money off the season.

More on this in my post, which will be posted the day after Thanksgiving, Lord willing.

Mrs.B. said...


I agree with Susan and she said basically all I could say. Although I must admit that I don't know a lot about Advent. My point is that Thanksgiving is a WONDERFUL time and it seems to get glossed over because the retailers can't make money from it.

I too love Christmas but I've heard people start calling it 'giftmas' because that's what the MAIN focus has become. I'm all for presents and decorations and yes, even trees, I LOVE tradition but I'm not for rudeness ( I used to work retail and it's amazing how mean and rude people are when they're shopping) and debt and taking a day that is supposed to be set aside to remember the birth of our Saviour and having all the TRUE meaning of the day forgotten.

zan said...

OK, I like the Advent thing too. But I also like the secular part of Christmas. I like the shopping and wrapping and decorations. Yes, you will find rudeness during the holidays but I deal with it by returning it with kindness. I also enjoy Christmas songs that simply talk about the season like, "Merry Christmas Darling," or "The Christmas Song."

I understand why the stores keep moving the Christmas season back earlier and earlier. You could call it greed but if the stores can sell, why prevent them? One reason the stores are going earlier this year is because of the price of oil. They want people to shop before it gets real cold and people realize that they should be saving their money on oil not gifts.(This may seem dishonest and sneeky but if people are careless with their money it is their problem.) This isn't really working because most people don't want to start thinking about Christmas shopping until the season is here. I understand that the big stores make most of their profits around the holidays. I am a Capitalists through and through and support them making their profits through advertizing and marketing. If the consumers are missing the true meaning of Christmas it is their problem not the stores doing business.

Wal-Mart doing Christmas at Haloween is annoying but if they feel the need to bring the profits in, go for it. Making money is not evil but worshiping it, is.I am not for going into debt. If someone is charging everything, that is not the store's fault but the consumer. I don't like the tackiness of some of Christmas so I avoid those shops. Christmas used to really bother me but I love it now. I think I hae just changed my attitude about alot of things. Not as many things bother me anymore. I think the reason Thanksgiving isn't commercialized as much is because it is mainly eating and a few decorations. Christmas has the gift giving part which could be anything from clothes to toys to gadgets.