Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying to "Winter" this Winter

I miss my daily walks :-/. I think Hans misses them too - he loved them! But it's just too cold for his mama to get out every day. Granted it's nothing like it could be, as my I-spent-4-years-in-Minnesota husband reminds me ;-), but for this I-spent-23-years-in-Georgia girl, yet, it's too cold! At least for daily walks.

Mainly I'm getting my exercise these days by doing household chores with Hans strapped to my back. I <3 my Ergo :-). I usually do dishes and most cooking with Hans in the Ergo, because our kitchen is small (sort of galley-style), and there isn't a good floor place for him to play while I do stuff in there. And also I hang laundry in the basement with him on my back. At my neighbor's suggestion, I strung several clotheslines in the basement and have been hanging our laundry for almost 2 months now. It's nice mild exercise with little guy (make that 18ish lb guy) strapped on, and the theory is that it's lowering our electric bill. And it delays us having to get another dryer. . . yet. I'm sure we'll get one soon (Adrian has told me whenever I want), but for now it's kind of fun.

Hans cut his first two teeth last week. We've been having some less-than-sound-sleeping at nights as a result. They're not all the way up, but very distinctly teeth now, when he chooses to show them to us. The best way to do this is to lay him in my lap and tickle him. Hehe. Adrian thinks (and I agree) that Hans has the cutest laugh. Ever. Right now he's on the floor talking to a water bottle and growling at it. He's doing this half drag, half crawl thing nowadays, which is pretty cute. No real crawling yet.

Last week I decided to introduce him to the world of food-that-is-not-breastmilk. He didn't take kindly to the idea. He alternated gagging, shuddering, and fussing. I tried banana, and a few nights later carrot and then potato. No success. He'll have to get used to the idea soon ;-). Mommy's Diner won't be available all his life. He was 7 months on January 18th, by the way.

I still have an obsession with sewing cloth diapers. I got a snap press a few months ago, and I love it! Easily a very good purchase. In the long run it'll be quite useful for all sorts of things, not just diapers. I've already been using it for other things, in fact. I haven't taken many pictures of my latest cloth diapers, but they are a major improvement on my first ones.

I'm going to *try* to post a bit more. No promises. I don't have a ton of free time for blogging, so probably they'll mainly be shorter posts, no long detailed treatises. Maybe a recipe here, a daily anecdote there. Or an isn't-my-son-adorable-go-to-this-picture link. Hmm. I seem to be in a dash mood today :-).


Kacie said...

I'm glad to see you blogging more! I've missed your updates. Even short ones are welcome!

And yay for you for exclusively breastfeeding so long!

Samara said...

Wow, Hans is gorgeous! He looks happy. High fives for the BFing; sounds like food will be an adventure. I can't believe it's been 3 months since my little guy & I weaned. It was bittersweet, but with God's grace perhaps we will have another little one to nurse in time.
We drove to Savannah the other day for the first time and it was very pretty. I'm glad to live in the balmy South these days!

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