Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Organizing :-)

I've been creating a spreadsheet of all the baby/toddler items and clothes that I have - by size, color, gender, style, etc. I do this because I have OCD. Or because I'm type A. Or because it makes thrift shopping a TON easier, and I hopefully now won't end up with 30 warm-weather boy print onesies in the same size (not that I'm speaking from experience. . . *cough*).

Before, all the clothes were stored in cardboard boxes, by size. Then I hit a great after-Christmas sale, where I got to capitalize on the fact that there is actually a market for Christmas-colored storage boxes, and Wal-mart bought too many :-). So I got a bunch of green 18 gallon Sterilite containers for $4 each, and I've been transferring stored clothing to those. This is especially nice since our basement isn't quite waterproof in a heavy rain. But I digress.

I also decided to transfer a few other items to Sterilite storage, like all my maternity clothes. That's what I've been doing just now. Hans is currently totally zonked on my back. Apparently the activity wasn't quite as interesting to him as it was to me. He hasn't gotten my psycho organizing genes, that I know of. But anyway, awwww, so many fun memories with my maternity clothes. I was remembering how much I liked this top or that one, or that skirt. Pregnancy wasn't actually that bad for me for the most part, minus aching hips, not being able to turn over in bed, etc. ;-) I had forgotten how many nice maternity clothes I'd had.

Now if only I can get Hans to figure out that solid food is a good thing, then maybe I'd get to use those clothes again sometime soon ;-). Right now ecological breastfeeding is very effectively preventing that. . . But on the bright side, I'm enjoying this not-throwing-up thing, especially at a time when I have several friends pregnant and queasy. But yay for babies! Always good news :-).


Kacie said...

My maternity clothes are in a pile in my closet. I really need to open my Rubbermaid container full of non-maternity winter clothes and swap them out.

I tend to just wear lounge clothes at home, though, for now. Elastic waistbands = good! I hope that I can start wearing normal clothes again soon, though. I'm getting pretty frumpy.

une_fille_d'Ève said...

You are OCD.

Give my mommy a hug. Tell her to come back to us soon!

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