Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun Visit

Yesterday I finally got to meet Zan in person! When Adrian got the job here in Connecticut I started mapquesting New England blogger friends, and I was happy that Becky and Zan were both only about 2 hours away. Yesterday I drove up to New Hampshire to see Zan. It was a beautiful day, so a nice relaxing drive all the way up (except for the half hour where I turned down the wrong road - totally my fault. . . ) and we had a good visit together, eating lunch, talking, and spending some time outside while her older two boys played. I got to hold Owen (2 months, about) some :-), even though the poor guy was so fussy most of the time I was there. I did get him to smile a few times, though! It was fun to finally meet Zan after communicating online for almost 3 years(!).


une_fille_d'Ève said...

How fun! I want to hold him!

Caroline said...

Looks like a glimpse of you in two short months.

Anonymous said...

Sure can, Hannah. Maybe you will have a different affect on him than Susan did. ;-)

BTW, a few hours after Susan left, he seemed to do better. He was just really gasy. He passed a lot of it and was doing much better. I guess I am all done with salad until he is finished breastfeeding.

Tammy C said...

Caroline said what I was going to write.

By the way you want to send a word of encouragment to this newly engaged young lady.She courted the same way as you.Courtney is in North Carolina and Christopher is from your old "single"state.

By the way are you familiar with these 2 ladies.They have are like minded in natural for babies and birthing.Also big families.

Amy Scott:

Laura :

Sherrin said...

I finally get to see what Zan look like :)