Monday, February 11, 2008

He's a Boy!

We got to meet one of our midwives on Thursday and also had an ultrasound, and we have a healthy, on-track-for-development little boy in there :-). He's been keeping his momma hungry and also reminding her of his existence by kicks throughout the day. I've felt flutterings and such for 4-5 weeks, but they became stronger kicks in the last 2 weeks. Adrian can even feel the kicks now, which he thinks is fun :-). We're at 21 weeks now; hard to believe!

I've been waiting to put up wall hangings in the nursery until we found out the gender, so now I'll lay aside the Sunbonnet Sue hangings, and hang the needlepoint animals instead ;-). My brother Ben and I stitched the four hangings several years ago, as an early project, and I coaxed them from Mother Dear a while back. Wonder if Boy remembers those. . . I also have a cross-stitch of the alphabet (a quilted Q, an L with ladybugs, etc.) that my mom did years ago, that needs to be reframed.

Two reader questions, the first for anyone, and the second for mothers:

(1) I have about 2 yards of some really adorable light green lightweight flannel, with red and blue clowns all over it. It screams "boy", and I want to make something with it, but not sure what. I could make a baby quilt with it, and I might, but a certain dear friend is already making me one, though I guess one can always use a second baby quilt. Any other ideas, though?

(2) What sorts of items are really necessary to have for a newborn? Create a list of the essentials for a newborn, or the extras that you feel were invaluable. I think it's downright ridiculous how many "necessary" contraptions and such there are for babies now!

(3) Bonus question: we're leaning towards cloth diapering (after disposable for the first month, probably), for various reasons. I'm not hugely enthusiastic about the all-in-one-options, mainly because of the cost and because and it's so much more complicated looking! Give me some old-fashioned prefolds. Does anyone have recommendations for brands/sources for prefolds and diaper covers. Cost and quality are both important to me. I've heard that diaper covers, specifically, have gone down in quality, so I'm looking for recommendations on good ones. As far as prefolds, I know not to get Wal-mart ones.

Oh, and to preempt, yes, we have a name picked out, but we're keeping it secret until the little guy is born. And no, he's not going to be a junior ;-). Nor is his name Enoch (sorry, Hannah).


Kacie said...

Wonderful! Boys are great :) Hope you're feeling well.

I have a suggestion for your flannel:

Since you're considering cloth diapers, why not use the flannel to make cloth wipes?

You can cut the fabric into squares and sew up the edges so it won't fray.

Just toss the wipes in with the dipes, and you're good to go.

Or...maybe your fabric is too cute for that purpose. If that's the case, then I don't have ideas for now :)

Anna Naomi said...

How exciting! It sounds like fun to be able to decorate your nursery! I'll be praying that everything continues to go well!

Carrie said...

How exciting! Little boys are so much fun. :) Get ready for an army of trains, trucks, tractors and other boy stuff to invade your home over the next few years!

As for question #1--possibly you could make a few receiving blankets out of the flannel? You can always use plenty of those . . . or the previous commenter's idea about the cloth wipes was good, also.

For qu. #2, here are a few things that came to mind for essentials:
~lots of onesies and sleepers
~lots of newborn disp. diapers (if that's what you plan to use for the first month or so--you go through SO many in those early weeks)
~sling or other type of baby carrier
~Boppy pillow if you plan to nurse (I suppose it's not an essential, but I really LOVED mine for my first baby when I was trying to get the hang of nursing)
~baby tub (doesn't have to be fancy, but I found it handy to put over the kitchen sink rather than trying to support the baby IN the sink, as my mom did when we were babies :))
~portable baby swing (I've had good luck with the Fisher Price ones, and not-so-good with a Graco, which quit working when baby got to weigh about 10 lbs)--these are nice for entertaining baby and many babies also like to nap in them

There are probably other things, but those are the ones that came to mind right away. :) You definitely don't need *all* the stuff that Babies R Us would like to make you think you do!

For qu. #3, I'm no expert . . . we cloth diaper part-time and use the bumGenius one-size pocket dipes. My sis uses prefolds and diaper covers but I can't think of the brand of covers right now. I believe she got most of her supplies at . Another great company to work with is Cotton Babies ( And you can find tons of diaper info at which might help give you ideas for brands, etc. that are best. Hope you find a system that works great for you!!

Have fun getting ready for baby! :)

Cherish the Home said...

I've been checking in lots and lots to hear any updated baby news. A boy! I'm so happy for you both. (o:


Laura said...

It sounds like y'all are doing wonderful. We'll keep praying and rejoicing with you.

That sounds like lovely fabric. What if you made some of the essentials listed by commenter #3? a little onesy would be adorable (and comfy up there in the cold north)!

Caroline said...

I am so happy for you guys. Congrats!!!

Are you going to post some pics of your new place as well as your growing belly??? Hope so.

Susan said...

Kacie, I would hate to use such cute fabric for wipes, but your idea does give me good ideas for other flannel scraps I have. Great idea!

Carrie, good idea on receiving blankets; I'll keep that in mind. And thanks for the list of essentials/niceties. I would really like a Boppy pillow!

As for pleas for pictures, my camera cable is currently in need of replacement, but I'm hoping to remedy that before too long. I definitely want to post pictures of the apartment! As for growing belly. . . hmm. See, *I* can tell my belly is growing, and I have gained the appropriate number of pounds so far. But other people are still remarking that I'm not showing at all, which isn't far from true, to an outsider. I had a tall, slender figure to work from, plus this is my first pregnancy, all good reasons I'm not really fat yet ;-). When I'm sufficiently showing, I definitely plan to post pictures!

Lydia H. said...

A baby boy! How wonderful! I think it would be neat to have a boy as a first baby. :)

Since I don't have one of my own I can't help with many of your questions. However, for the cloth diapering question I remembered that Samara, Space Station Samara is doing cloth-diapering for her little one. Maybe you should go check out her blog. :) I am pretty sure Crystal did cloth diapering too and had some in-depth posts about it.

For your #2 question about essentials: I went to a baby shower about two weeks ago and that mother had items on her registry for Desitin diaper ointment, fitted-crib pads(my mom said you go through lots of these for big diaper messes), onesies, newborn diapers, a boppy pillow and cover for nursing (I had never heard of this), crib and bassinet sheets, baby wipes, baby clothes detergent like Deft, sleep sacks and baby lotion. BTW, she was a third time momma with 2 little girls already in tow. I figured she knew from experience what the essentials were. ;)

As to what you could make with the flannel fabric, I think everyone has already given good suggestions. I would probably do a receiving blanket since you really can't have too many and you are already getting a quilt from someone.

God bless the remainder of your pregnancy. Thanks for providing the updates for us. Keep them coming!


Jessica said...

Oh, how exciting! YAY for little boys... I'm joining in the pleas for pictures too...hopefully you can get your camera cable working again soon.

Mark and Erin said...

Oh congratulations! Boys are soooo much fun. (I'm sure girls are too, but I haven't had any experience with them yet!)
I am going to think about the "Essentials" list...but I had a comment about the diapers. We are doing cloth diapers, and I have really liked them. I like prefolds and covers, because you don't have to worry about the fleece in some types (like BumGenius) wicking if you wash them wrong. I got some good quality prefolds (although I didn't get mine from Green Mountain, I think they actually sound like the nicest ones out there...) and Thirsties diaper covers. The Thirsties are a bit spendier than other covers, but I have read a lot of reviews that said they even kept messy diapers in when the babies were strictly nursing. I don't think I've ever had a dirty diaper leak when my son is in a Thirsties cover. They are great, great, great. They are lightweight and they come in nice colors too. :-)

An idea for the flannel would be a receiving blanket...I know I used those constantly with my baby. The bigger the better! My son liked to be swaddled up when he slept, until he was at least 9 mos. old so a big blanket is nice. Or you could use it as a lining of a baby sling.
Ok...this was a terribly long comment! I'm sorry about that. I just love talking about cloth diapers. :-P

Samara said...

Hi Susan! Glad to hear that all is going well and your little guy is kicking along. Your nursery decorations sound so sweet, too. I want to see them! I so love seeing others' needlework.

I have a suggestion for the flannel- if you plan to use a Boppy (and they're invaluable- I used ours for nursing, tummy time, and to prop him up to sit on his play blanket) then you will definitely need some extra slipcovers for it. Those covers are pricy, too- so if you can make a Boppy-shaped pillowcase, you might want to. The Boppy (and possibly everything else in your home) will see a lot of spit-up action.

As for essentials that don't get mentioned a lot- get a waterproof, fitted mattress cover for YOUR bed as well as the crib. This will save your mattress from baby stain doom. A general waterproof square is useful for bassinets & the top of the changing table too. Same thing for your pillows if you do not want to end up washing them; I already had mine in zip undercovers for allergy reasons, and was so glad. Bibs were another thing that I never had enough of when he hit his drooly stage. I ended up getting lots from thrift stores. Also, I was glad to have a breast pump (just a simple hand pump) because there were a few nights when the little guy did NOT sleep and his papa saved my crazed brain by walking & feeding the baby.

Cloth diapers, so much fun to talk about! I'm behind folks here on the prefolds thing. I found our local diaper service online and went to their store. They sold used prefolds by the pound- they looked somewhat worn, but worked great and were super cheap. They also sold (and bought) used covers for next to nothing, so I was able to try out a lot of different kinds. I like Bummis and Wonder Wraps the best. My criteria for covers is: 1) they have to be able to be washed (if not dried) with the diapers (no fussy "we need special detergent or delicate cycles" covers), and 2) they need to have "laundry tabs" for the velcro tabs so that they don't snag the rest of the laundry. If the budget allows, you might want to get just a few super-absorbent fitted diapers for sleeptimes. I had 4 newborn size Bamboozles (from Montana's Diaper Store online) and they fit 'til he was 7 months old. Lastly, I use the rice paper liners in his diapers. If he wets, I throw them in with the rest of the dipes & wipes. If he messes, I pull the liner off the diaper & then flush it. Honestly, this was the kicker for me to use cloth, as I wanted to minimize my contact with poo! No rinsing or scraping mess off of diapers into the toilet... of course newborn mess is nothing much and can just go in the wash, but still.

I'm so excited for you & Adrian, Susan! You're about to experience so many profound & life-changing blessings! I can't believe that the little Mr. is already over a year old and still every day he enhances our lives more & more. Congratulations again and thanks for posting your latest news!

Tammy C said...

Cloth diapers are the way to go!!

How exciting to hear that you are having a boy!

Susan said...

Thank you for all the helpful comments, everyone! And I am intrigued by your idea to contact a diaper service, Samara. Thanks for the tip.

CamsShel said...

well, I just ran across your blog today, clicking from blog to blog to blog... (you know you can lose a lot of time that way) and thought I'd leave a comment here about cloth diapers. :o)

I've been using cloth diapers for almost 19 years now and the ones I am happiest with are the all cotton pre-folds (not the kind with polyester fiberfill in the center) with Bummis Super Snap wraps (I'm a little opinionated about that hook-n-loop stuff on my little babies...and on shoes, but that's a different story). I buy mine from IntegrityDiapers. Great customer service, fast delivery, good information on their site.

Congrats on your expected Bouncing Bundle! I enjoyed your blog.

Elisabeth Black said...

I like Bumpy diaper covers. I use about seven cloth diapers a day for a one-year-old, probably more until about six months or so. It's nice to have that many covers just in case they *all* get soiled. Some days I do disposables, but I think it's cool to be able to do either, and I prefer to use cloth.


miller_schloss said...

Newborn essentials -

Lanolin for nursing

The "my brest friend" pillow is a million times better than a boppy because it attaches all the way around you and is more supportive

a co-sleeper

Nursing nightgowns and nursing bras for you - bring those to the hospital

Disposable nursing pads - the cloth ones are no good

I think a changing table is a waste of space - I changed K in her co-sleeper. Just get a waterproof pad you can lay on any surface.

Handi-wipes (the blue clothy disposable kind) - cut them smaller and dampen them to use as wipes. Even better for baby than hypoallergenic wipes (it's nice to not have to wash wipes those first weeks)

a small manual breast pump

lots and lots of one-piece footie outfits. Katherine LIVED in those day and night for months. So easy! YOu don't have to keep track of separate outfit pieces, and baby socks never stay on

Eltinwe said...

Well you'd neglected your blog so long, I didn't check it for a while, and here I'm woefully behind in Adrian-Susan news!

Congratulations on your boy news. I'm sure you're both thrilled... and yes, baby boy clothes are JUST as great as baby girl clothes.

You could always make just a blanket from your clown fabric... but I'm sure you'll end up with plenty of blankets (you can never have TOO many, but you CAN have enough that you'll have favorites you use most, and the rest that are backups for when there's a messy day and lots of blankets in the laundry. If you already have enough blankets, you could probably pretty easily make a sleep-sack from it, and you're less likely to have too many of those.

For diapers, I actually didn't cloth-diaper Carina due to having to use public pay-per-load washing machines, but plan to do so at least partly with this new one. I have a friend who makes (and sells) cloth diapers, and I'm sure if you're interested, she'd be happy to either make you some or give you patterns to make your own! They're cheaper than the commercial ones, and seem to be better quality, too.

Finally... necessities? Well, everyone has already given great lists, so most of this will be imitation.

Lanolin for nursing... and start putting it on BEFORE the baby is born. It may seem strange, but it will help you a lot with that first week or two!

There is no such thing as too many onesies. None. Those are by far the easiest thing to dress infants in due to the frequent diapering process.

A baby carrier of some sort - a sling, a front carrier, whatever. Just something so you can keep the baby by you as you go about your normal business. For some funny reason, babies seem to like being with their mommies most of the time.

An automatic swing. There is nothing quite like a baby swing for a good mommy-break.

Nursing bras. I know it sounds silly, but you really won't want to be hanging about with no bra on getting your shirts wet, and regular bras (unless you get the right kind - I HATE most nursing bras, so I use particular normal ones) are often awkward and uncomfortable to use.

Waterproof mattress pads... and get a few, not only for wherever the baby is sleeping, but for where you are, because he'll be with you too. It doesn't have to cover your entire mattress, but just the area under where you'll be keeping the leaky parts.

For me, I never got into using the Boppy - my arm was already putting her the perfect distance for me just naturally, and the Boppy got in the way! I never really used the baby tub much... the bathroom sink was absolutely perfectly sized and shaped for a baby and didn't require killing my knees and back by leaning over the bathtub side. I hated every proper nursing bra I ever owned, and most nursing shirts/gowns/etc tend to gape on me when they shouldn't! Many of the "essentials" I got I never really used. And don't worry - if you find you need something, it's easy enough to get one later, and you won't have a house cluttered with junk you don't use.

SaRaH said...

for Q2-
1. Sling. I made my own, and it is so useful to carry Hayden around, and have her so close! She loves it. I have only used my stroller twice.
2. Her bouncy seat has logged more hours than her crib. She loves the vibrating function! (go with fisher price!!)
3. Boppy pillow! Even though Hayden is lactose intolerant (no nursing unless I cut all dairy!) I have really used it!
4. Her Binky and binky keeper

A friend of mine made her own diapers. Perhaps you could look into that. :-) I work too much and don't have a washing machine, so I never tried, but they work great for her.