Friday, November 30, 2007

Life Update

(I'm out of clever titles for now. . . )

So, yes, I haven't forgotten that I own a blog. I've just been curled up in bed sleeping or reading, or generally just avoiding the computer and the-front-room-that-is-too-close-to-the-kitchen-smells ;-). I am fairing nausea better than I thought I would, but it's still not jolly. Oh, and note to people whose blogs I read: if you post pictures of food, I probably will just skip right to the next post; same with descriptions of food :-).

Adrian has been the sweetest, waiting on me hand and foot, doing the dishes for me, and finishing supper when I'm unable. He's the best :-).

I'm at 10 1/2 weeks now. I've been to the midwife once, and am going back for a more complete exam, bloodwork, etc., in another week and a half, but even though I finally found a midwife I really like, we're back to square one in January because. . .

. . . We're moving to Connecticut the last week of December! Adrian's grueling job search finally paid off, and he has accepted a job in Windsor, CT, just north of Hartford. A few weeks ago, when he first flew up there for an interview, I started googling blogging friends who live in New England, and Zan is only 2 hours away, and Becky less than that! So I was pretty happy about that :-). I've never even visited New England, so this could be interesting. I've always been intrigued by the area, and all of its ties to history, but various relatives are already chuckling at the thought of me living in such a cold, northern state. I'm going to have to get some warmer clothes. Or drink hot tea constantly. Or both.

We had a good Thanksgiving with Adrian's brother Arne and various family in Louisville, and we're going down to Georgia for 4 days at Christmas, just before coming back and moving. So that means I'll be frantically packing to get it done before Christmas week.


Zan said...

CT isn't *that* cold. It can be pretty mild. Do you have a place to move to, yet? An apartment or soemthing?

I am so excited about meeting you.

Hope you are feeling better by Christmas.

Eltinwe said...

Compared to Georgia and an almost complete lack of snow, GT really is *that* cold... but I doubt it's as bad as, say, Minnesota. And the North really isn't that bad, so long as you're not in New Jersey/NYC. ;-) Hot tea and sweaters go a long way to make it quite pleasant, and I am really rather fond of snow, so long as I have a functioning heater.

You really haven't been there long yet, so you can't have TOO much junk accumulated to do outside of wedding presents. Still, I don't envy you the packing while pregnant.

Please feel free to use DE as a half-way rest area in your moving, if you have the extra few minutes. I can guarantee we'll have better food and cleaner bathrooms than the corresponding rest area on the highway unless you're looking for soft pretzels and a browse through to find a toilet that's flushed.

Kacie said...

Whoa! That's very exciting! Congratulations to you all.

I hope that you'll easily find a new home that you like, have friendly neighbors and quickly make some new friends. Oh, and find a suitable midwife with no problem. :)

I've never been to CT. I hope they're nice there!

Lydia H. said...

That sounds like some pretty exciting developments! If I ever get off my lazy gluteus maximus to get your gift sent, you should have something to assist you in keeping warm up there. :)

various relatives are already chuckling at the thought of me living in such a cold, northern state

Think of it this way: you won't have to be as concerned with the sun's rays damaging your delicate complexion. :)

Only two hours from Zan and less for Becky?! I am truly jealous. How fun to be meeting them in person sometime soon.
Keep us updated as things progress in the move. Will you be sharing any name possibilities for the new babe? I love hearing name ideas from people but I also know some like to keep their ideas a secret.

Adrian has been the sweetest, waiting on me hand and foot, doing the dishes for me, and finishing supper when I'm unable. He's the best.

Adrian sounds like a truly great guy and the type that will be a terrific dad, but I know you already knew that. ;)

Glad to hear an update from you. I have missed reading your blog regularly but I am sure it is one of the last things you think of doing while you are feeling sick. Be sure to post some pics of your new place when you are all moved in.

Tammy C said...

Now that is exciting news!!

I am sad because I live about 4 hours away from you and thought after the holidays trying to meet you and Adrian!I do have family up in New England so who knows on our way up to Rhode Island I can meet you then.

Your first year of marriage is very busy I must say.As far as moving when expecting,it can be done.I packed and moved 2 times while while with our son.

Samara said...

Wow, Susan, your life is packed with excitement and change! I hope that the nausea stage of your pregnancy passes soon. While I didn't have it bad, the Mr. spent awhile under a "no coffee, no curry" rule.

We are moving too- from Tucson AZ to Jacksonville FL, for the Mr's new job. Alas, we don't know anyone in Florida~ I'll have to borrow your idea and start checking out that city via the net.

Yours Truly said...

Well, visit me while you're here - if you have time! otherwise I'll probably never see you again...well, never, as in, not for a while!! ;-)

Caroline said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am not sure I can go weeks and weeks between updates. :)