Friday, June 22, 2007

Life, in General

So, my brother is married. Yay! We all had a wonderful time. The wedding last weekend was beautiful, and it was so much fun to see lots of family friends. Of course, I was especially partial to the bearded fellow from Virginia :-D. I finished the quilt two weeks earlier than I needed to, which was a huge relief. Oh, and the wedding cake turned out nicely as well. I'll try to post some pictures of both soon. It is so nice for us all, I think, to now only have to discuss plans for one wedding. My poor mother was getting the two weddings confused ;-).

Next on my projects list is Hannah's maid-of-honor dress. She leaves for Quebec next Saturday (the 30th), and I'm determined that I will have her dress made before she leaves! It shouldn't take long. Then in early July Jessie is going to spend a few days with me and help me sew my dress :-).

I have been pleasantly surprised by a decent number of tutoring slots this summer. Tutoring is scarce during the summer, but I've had 6 tutoring slots each of the last two weeks, and have even more scheduled for next week. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to continue making some money, while giving me a goodly amount of time for sewing projects, etc.

This morning I'm off to smock with a few women from my church. This is our third or fourth meeting, and I'm so excited to be learning to smock, after wanting to all these years :-). It's a slow process, as I haven't been working on it much at home, but it's fun.

So, what is everyone else up to during these summer days?


~Stacy~ said...

Hey Susan, I love you blog, and congratulations on your engagement! I also wanted let you know about my new blog,! See ya!

Kacie said...

That's so neat, to be able to make a dress that fast! Can't wait to see pictures of...well, everything. Have a good weekend!


Lydia said...

Hey, Susan!

So glad to hear that the first wedding in your family went well. What a great blessing! There is another family I know whose two oldest daughters will be marrying with months of each other. The second just got engaged this week and the first is marrying in a little less than a month. I will be singing is her wedding. :)

Anyway, the two weddings in your family somewhat reminded me of that situation although I think your's are much closer.

For more detail of what I have been doing you could read my blog. I gave some updates of what is happening around here since our return from vacation. It has been BUSY and HOT! Our air-conditioner decided to get sick shortly after our return home. Nothing like waking up hot and sticky in the morning before you go to work. :( Ah, well. I guess I can pretend to be one of the colonists from Old Virginia or more like a pioneer on the prairie. LOL!
It is a good way to remember one's blessings that are easily taken for granted. :)

Send me those wedding dress pics when they are ready. They will only stay in my inbox. ;)

God bless all your endeavors in wedding planning and preparation. I am still praying for you.

Samara said...

Hi Susan!
Congratulations on acquiring a sister-in-law; I've got four now & I think they're great inventions! My summer is getting rather warm, but I've still ben working from home with my little Dinesh (now 6 months old and just standing up & starting to do that funny pre-crawl rocking thing; he is so much fun!) and occasionally volunteering at the daycare by our church (four of the six regular baby room staff are now pregnant- I guess folks work there for a reason).
Tomorrow my husband and I are going tubing on the Salt River near Phoenix with some friends and family. It'll be the first time I've been away from little D for more than an hour or two, so we'll see how that goes (I think I miss him more than he does me at this point, what with one of those sweet SILs to care for him).
I look forward to reading your upcoming posts and seeing some pictures :)