Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birth, death, everything in between. . .

Okay, so I realize it's been months since I really posted anything. Such is life. . .

Things are going well here. Hans is growing so fast and is going to be mobile way sooner than I am ready! He can roll over both ways now. One of his favorite things is for Daddy to play airplane with him, or carry him around upside-down. Such a BOY! Hans is getting extremely grabby, as evidenced by his brilliant(?) decision Sunday to grab a steaming bowl of chili. Can you say "blisters"? Poor wittle guy, but he's doing fine. He was 5 months yesterday.

Hans has a new cousin as of a month ago! My brother Ben and his wife Stephanie had their first baby, Madeleine. She is so adorable, and she was teeny - 5 lb. 2 oz. - but is gaining well, it seems. I probably won't get to meet her until spring. *sigh*

My maternal grandmother passed away this past Saturday. She was ready to put aside her earthly struggles, and her death was not unexpected, but she will be missed! She missed meeting Hans (first great-grandchild) by only 11 days, as we are flying to Indiana for Thanksgiving. We will still be able to see lots of other relatives, including my parents and Hannah.

Meanwhile, it's getting far too cold here for my liking. Okay. Fine. It's really not that bad yet. *sigh* Compared to what it will be, at least. But it's interrupting my daily walks with Hans, which is a shame. We'll try to get out on warmer days, mid-day.

Well, that's all for now. Hans has fallen asleep nursing, and I should go put him down and get some sewing done or something :-).


Kacie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma :( May you and your family have the Lord's comfort.

Have a safe trip to Indiana! I'm glad you're flying -- driving that far with a baby sounds so unfun.

Samara said...

My sympathy for the loss of your grandma. How sweet it will be to have family around to share your collective loss, and with two precious new ones to share in her legacy. Hope all goes well with your trip! My tip for flying with a little one: put Hans in footie pajamas for the flight. That means no lost socks or booties, plus he's snuggly warm :)

CarolMWL said...

I found your blog as I followed a link from another blog - when looking for a good meatball recipe. =) I've enjoyed reading what you've posted.

I have a song you might like to use at your church. I wrote it to teach little kids - and to review them -the first 12 catechism questions from Catechism for Little Children. It's free. I wrote it for our church pre school, and the kids liked singing it.

It's at my family home business website - but the song IS free! =)

Here is the link:

Click the song, and it comes up as a pdf file.

Carol L.

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