Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Here is my family's 2005 Christmas picture. From left to right: Mom, Ben (23), Dad, Hannah (19), and me (21).

We are all having a nice break from work and school. My dad, mom, and I, who all teach/tutor in some form and fashion, are enjoying a break from students. My sister, who will transfer to the University of Georgia next month, is glad for a break from being a student, although she is voluntarily continuing to pore over her language books through the school break. . . My brother is home for 3 weeks or so, before moving out to Seattle to begin his job with Microsoft. He just graduated with a master's degree in computer science from Georgia Tech.

Saturday my family is heading up to Indiana to spend Christmas in Hoosierland, as we do every year. That's right: I'm a Yankee. My parents were both raised in Indianapolis, where Ben and I were also born. We moved to Georgia when I was a baby, but I've spent every Christmas of my existence in Indiana. I love traveling to visit relatives over the Christmas season. The added chance of seeing a White Christmas is also a plus although, while I love the beauty of snow, I do hate the combination of wet and cold, and limit my close contact with the stuff.

We're driving first to Indianapolis, my parents' old stomping grounds and where my dad's parents and 4 of his 5 brothers still live. Then we'll head 2 hours south to Hanover, the little town where my mom's parents grew up, met, and married, and where they retired several years ago. We'll see two of my mom's sisters and their families, who live in the neighboring town of Madison, but my mom's other two sisters and her brother won't make it to Hanover this year.

On our way home we'll stop in Kentucky to spend a night with our good friends the Trues, who have five daughters. Their oldest daughter Lydia, who has been one of my best friends since I was 6, recently became engaged, and we'll have a fun time talking over details and discussing color combinations for the quilt I'm planning for her and Quinton :).

Another good childhood friend, Erika, is flying into Atlanta on New Year's Eve and spending the night with us before we drive her up to Tennessee to rejoin her drama troupe. She spent two nights with us earlier this week before flying out of Atlanta to see her family in Virginia. While here she took our Christmas picture (above).

As they often do, my parents will spend their anniversary driving home with us all from our Christmas visit. This year is special, since it marks 25 years they have spent together. I am thankful that the Lord chose to bless me with parents that have had a strong marriage. One thing I never doubted growing up, even when my parents had disagreements, was that they would always stay together. In our modern world where too many marriages crumble, I am thankful for their example.

Amongst all the busyness of the next few weeks, our church's new pastor starts on New Year's Day. Please pray for our church, that the transition will go smoothly and in a Christ-honoring direction.

I won't be on the internet much in the next week and a half or two, but I wanted to wish all my friends in blogdom a very Merry Christmas! Among the hustle and bustle of Christmas, make sure not to forget the very first gift of Christmas, the Lord Jesus Christ, and please stop with me for a moment in remembrance of the holy babe in the manger.


Mrs.B. said...

What a nice picture of your doesn't look nearly as cold in GA as it does here in the north. (o: I was born and raised in the south but I must admit that I like our change of seasons and don't even mind the cold winters since I'm blessed enough not to have to tredge out into it daily.

Anyway, Merry CHRISTmas to you too, Susan. I pray you and your family have a safe trip and loads of fun.

God Bless!

~Mrs. B.~

zan said...

Merry Christmas Susan,

Hope you guys stay safe. I have NEVER traveled around Christmas. I prefer to stay home for the holiday with just immediate family.

This will be a white Christmas for us which isn't as common as people think for NH.

I am like Mrs.b. I love the changes of season. I think my husband and I will always stay, if possible, in New England.

Take care